Wine 101: Practical Wine Lessons

After these 10 lessons, you should be comfortable tasting wine socially, ordering wine in a restaurant, buying wine in stores, and speak like a wine pro.


Key Objectives

  • Learn the right way to hold a wine glass
  • Master wine tasting techniques
  • Know what to look for when sniffing a glass
  • Be able to write basic tasting notes

2. Six Most important grapes

  • Know what are the 3 most common white and red grapes
  • Understand their unique characteristics
  • Know what to order in restaurants
  • Discover your palate preference (lesson supplemented by tasting exercises)
  • Learn how to read a wine label
  • Know what to look for to determine if a bottle is worth its price
  • Avoid becoming a victim of marketing. Learn label terms that sound prestigious but in reality, do not guarantee quality

4. 3 Things to Consider When Serving Wine


  • Know what glassware to use for what wine
  • Get the most aroma and flavor out of your wine by serving it at the right temperature
  • Know when to aerate and decant
  • Know when NOT to decant (equally important)

5. Wine and food pairing


  • Know the one over-arching golden rule when it comes to wine and food pairing
  • Learn few tips to avoid a catastrophic pairing

6. Preserving an open bottle


  • Explore different ways to preserve an open bottles. There are natural ways that come free

7. Proper wine storage


  • Ensure your wines will age well and not go bad due to bad storage

8. Common wine faults


  • Know the common wine faults
  • Learn how to identify a faulty bottle and return it to the restaurant

9. Start a wine collection


  • Learn the "categories" for a good wine collection
  • Identify wines that will appreciate in value
  • Know how to manage wine portfolio risk

10. Common wine myths


  • Know the common wine myths out there
  • Be savvy, avoid making common wine mistakes

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