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About Us

Message from the Founder:

A passionate wine lover, a daring wine explorer, a certified wine educator (CSW, WSET Diploma), a professional wine critic... but at the heart of it, I am just another wine student like you. We can always learn as long as we keep an open mind.

Having taught many wine classes and hosted diverse corporate functions, I have created a library of content that illustrate wine in the way I see it... I see every bottle like a person, with a dynamic character that changes with time. I have been asked to share my slides and my insights. This is what led to the creation of this website.

Being a former management consultant, I have been military trained to focus on what is important instead of covering the entire universe. I like to draw things, use visualization, simplify concepts, and believe in continuous improvement. If you see areas of enhancement, do let me know.

I am surrounded by wine loving friends, collectors, and educators who have a similar depth and breadth of experiences and perspectives. Thanks to them for adding color and content to this website. This website would not be the same without their contribution.

Some final words -- we will stop learning when we stop seeing. So let's forget that we are wine novice or wine expert... don't let brands and past experiences influence our tasting. Each bottle is unique. Give your glass our undivided attention and an unbiased judgement... and let's continue letting the world of wine surprises us.

Thank you for exploring the world of wine with us,

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A group of wine lovers, collectors, educators, writers contribute to this website, particularly in the tips library and review sections.

Community & Charity

We have two incentives for doing this website: helping our community better appreciate wine and helping our favorite charitable organizations.

You may notice advertisement placed throughout the website. The net proceeds (netting the cost of website development and maintenance) go into charities such as Save The Children and Oxfam.

If you find this website useful or find the incentives noble, tell your friends and help spread the goods!